Take Prayer Beyond Self”

It's not about 'me'. It's about us!" We can dig beyond self and stand in the gap for our loved ones, for our families, for our neighbors and friends, and even nations. Where we cannot physically reach, God has given us the ability to get there, and that's through prayers and intercessions. It's not only... Continue Reading →

A curse without cause.”

Proverbs 26:2 What a good thing to know that someone protects and loves you jealously! That's the nature of the living God we serve. Has someone falsely accused you or cursed you for no reason? Well, God calls that "a flitting sparrow or a flying swallow" that never finds rest. He shelters His own from... Continue Reading →

It’s a testimony only if it’s told.

Do you ever ask yourself why our spiritual leaders always encourage us to tell others what the Lord has done for us? Well, the Author and Finisher of our faith, Jesus, always points us to the right thing to do. There would be so much to be proud of if we just hearken to His... Continue Reading →

I’m Free From Condemnation!”

Jesus of Nazareth has rescued us from the condemnation that would have befallen us. And because of Him, there's no condemnation for those who find their refuge in His arms. Those who have put their trust in Him, believing He's the Son of God who died and overcame the power of death, have all their... Continue Reading →

“Our Words And Actions Are Seeds Alive.”

In life, the things we do are "seeds alive." They grow and bear fruits that we in return harvest. When we love, when we care for others, when we regard others as our enemies and hate them and deny them forgiveness - this is a seed planted and sooner or later, it bears fruits. It's... Continue Reading →

No one can ever love you more than God!

While other gods rejoice in the destruction of those that disobey them, the God of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham – our God, does not rejoice in the death of the disobedient. See He so much loved us to have offered heaven's best, His Beloved Son, Jesus, to carry the cross and bear all our sins... Continue Reading →

The Only Book!

Thousands of books have been written, but, only one book offer solutions to every kind of challenge man faces. And that book is the Holy Bible. The one who decides to keep it open, and reads it, and studies everything it says - finds lasting solutions that any other book cannot offer. All the instructions... Continue Reading →

The God of Languages:

"Our heavenly Father is the God of languages." There’s no need to stumble because you have attended church and they are praising and worshiping God in their traditional language you don’t understand. Our God is a God of languages. There’s no language barrier between God and His children. And if it so happens that they... Continue Reading →

The Former Thief, Now In Paradise!”

“Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” Think about this man how he got saved, admitting that he deserved to die and perish for the sins he had committed and, not Jesus! As multitudes were condemning Jesus, this criminal knew Christ was being condemned for the sins He never committed. The Bible says... Continue Reading →

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